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Types of pipes that are produced Bacharkhosthaddamadtha


 Pipes manufactured from material of uPVC

 -muasir Drinking water systems and irrigation in gray according to German specifications D1N8061; 8062 848 Egyptian and specifications and specifications .iso4422

 -muasir Sewage networks in gray or orange according to German specifications D1N19534, M.q.m 1717

 -muasir Negotiable Gulwzh water to households in gray According to the British Standards BS3505

 -muasir Water and sanitation in white according to the American ASTM specifications

 -muasir Portfolios cables in gray or black, according to the specifications of te TC161A


 Pipes made of the material PE high and medium density

-muasir High density polyethylene PE100 water networks, irrigation and sanitation in black and blue

-muasir Medium density polyethylene PE80 water networks, irrigation and sanitation in black and blue

-muasir Medium density polyethylene, high-density PE80 PE100 for natural gas distribution networks in yellow or orange

-khratim Low density polyethylene drip irrigation black.

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